Five Top Tips for Getting Promoted – Guest blog by Ashby Jenkins

27th August 2019

This blog is kindly written by Ashby Jenkins, with the aim to help you with practical ideas to increase your chances of getting a promotion and speeding up your career progression.

Ashby Jenkins

About our Guest Blogger

Ashby Jenkins has recruited fundraisers for the charity sector for the last five years, before moving to the dark side she was a new business fundraiser herself. Ashby Jenkins Recruitment was established in 2018 to offer a relationship-led and thoughtful approach to recruitment, as an alternative to large agencies where stewardship is non-existent. They provide career advice, coaching and regular blogs on issues affecting charities and are strong advocates for ensuring a more diverse and inclusive sector.

Why is career progression important?

I am passionate about helping people progress their career, whether that’s through providing recruitment advice, facilitating introductions to informal mentors or helping people find opportunities outside their current organisation. Despite my profession thriving from the pace that people seek to change roles, I am still eager to help candidates and organisations progress their careers and their staff internally.

Organisations with internal progression history have a better reputation in the market, but it’s usually more difficult to get an internal promotion than a new role externally. On the plus side; if they know your strengths and weaknesses and still choose to promote you it says a lot about your abilities.

Our top five tips for getting promotion and speeding up career progression:

1. Secure an external mentor:

When speaking to the most senior people this comes up again and again, they all have a person outside of their organisation who provides them with advice. Find yourself one asap, this is something we can help with so do get in touch.

2. Demonstrate your value:

Make sure you prepare for your appraisals, take in your key achievements, if they are financial make sure you talk through these clearly and leverage them to secure a pay rise or promotion.

3. Go above and beyond your job description:

You have to show a willing attitude and commitment to your organisation. If you only do what you are asked and don’t ever help out other teams you’ll continue to be overlooked.

4. Network:

There are so many great events out there, make sure you are attending, firstly to keep your knowledge fresh but also to raise your profile. (Dawn adds to make sure you feedback and share your learning with your team back at the office.)

5. Keep learning and developing:

When meeting exceptional fundraisers the common theme is always a humble attitude to learning. They are always aware they don’t know everything and are constantly seeking new ideas and opportunities to develop. Make sure you are updating your CV and LinkedIn with your achievements and any new skills you pick up.

Do you have any tips to add ?

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