Top Tips from the Charity Meetup – Fundraising Possibilities

1st June 2019

Charity Meetup – Networking and Skills Sharing Quarterly Events

A friendly group of 60 people from the charity sector convened at the 15th Charity Meetup on Thursday 23 May. The event was sponsored by GivePanel and hosted in London by SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity.

Before kicking off the event, participants enjoyed networking and refreshments before the first presentation. Event founder Dawn Newton welcomed the group and spoke about why the topic of Fundraising Possibilities was chosen, which was around opportunities to be seized now. Photography by Marcus Jamieson-Pond of jampondphotography.

Talk – Leveraging Facebook Fundraising Tools

Nick Burne

The first talk was by Nick Burne who is a digital consultant and founder of GivePanel – an online platform to help nonprofits harness the power of Facebook’s Giving Tools. Nick spoke energetically about the huge potential of the new Facebook Fundraising tools, the short time that they take to set up and how even with minimal effort, nonprofits can raise money easily.

GivePanel can help nonprofits to identify new fundraisers and build and steward a long-lasting relationship with them. Nick also spoke about good practice using the tools and the different opportunities they present.

Tactics for Facebook fundraising are different –

Watch Nick’s Talk on Periscope.

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Networking Game:

Networking activity

If you’ve ever been to a Charity Meetup before, you’ll know that we think networking is super important! So we took a moment to connect with each other, and the mixing game allowed each participant to meet three new people and share which charity they support and why.

Networking can be daunting, especially if you come on your own, that’s why we facilitate discussion through a networking game.

Top three tips for networking:

1. Think how you can help the person you meet – Ask thoughtful questions, what knowledge could you share, who could you introduce them to?

2. Find common ground – do you have shared interests? What are they? They don’t need to be work-related either. Perhaps you both love reading books.

3. Follow up after! Exchange cards and email them, also connect with them on Linkedin / Twitter

Talk – Are we underestimating our supporters


Lizzi Hollis (Head of Corporate Engagement and Partnerships, Richard House Children’s Hospice) shared with us her disruptive concept to reconsider how we view all of our supporters and involve them as activists. Whether that is a volunteer, donor, petition signer or corporate partner. Lizzi brought examples from the business, football and charity world to her talk and asked us thought-provoking questions to reevaluate how we perceive and interact with our supporters.

Watch Lizzi’s talk on Periscope.

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Panel Discussion:

After both speakers had presented, we invited them back for a panel discussion, we were joined by our host James Grant from SSAFA. There were lots of interesting and challenging questions!

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