Reflecting on the Charity Meetup London No.14 – Diversity & Inclusion

16th October 2018

On Fri Sept 21 2018 we gathered to discuss how we could all make steps to improve Diversity and Inclusion. More than 120 participants from a wide variety of organisations participated in networking and skills sharing, kindly hosted by Google.

Thank you to all of our fantastic speakers and participants for making this a very energising event.

Here are a few key points:

1. Fiona spoke about how Diversity and Inclusion for her means “Allowing people to be more of who they truly are” without any risk that it could hold them back.

2. We cannot view Diversity and Inclusion as a tick box exercise, the change must happen in every aspect of our work and mesh into the DNA of the organisations to make a real difference.

3. Learning from Queer Eye Netflix show – let’s be curious, create more open conversations and work towards more shared understanding.

4. Sophie talked about how Online activism is a brilliant way for a more diverse audience to take campaign actions (and it works).

5. Interesting insight from Jay @Genderintell that it’s young people often teaching their parents and older generations about gender diversity

6. Mita shared her insights as a young trustee – Charities- If you want young people to be on your board prepare them and let them know why their voice is valuable

7. “If you’re not aware of the biases you have… then your products won’t be as good and you won’t innovate as well as you could.” – Google

8. Natasha recommended that we Implicit Association test challenging our unconscious bias – what judgements are we making when we recruit people from different communities? Stereotyping is impacting our productivity. Openly talking about inclusivity & improving self-awareness of our bias is key

9. When someone stands up to be counted to challenge prejudice we must stand behind them. We must care for our colleagues, find allies & drive positive change

10. How welcoming are we to people outside of the sector? Especially in our recruitment processes, can we be more accessible, flexible and encouraging to people from different backgrounds to work with us? Will from Diversity Role models threw away application forms and now people can apply in a wide variety of formats including video.

Event Resources:

1 – CM Slide Deck:

2 – Notes from the Barcamp NFP sessions(do add yours):

3 – Collection of Tweets (Wakelet):

4 – Programme: PDF

5 – Speakers: PDF

6 – Attendee list: Excel

7 – Photos: Taken by Marcus com FB group album / Microsite


Further Reading:

-Fiona Pattison @fiona_pattison – Why “diversity” isn’t good enough  my talk (full script) and deck from Friday’s #charitymeetup. Drop me a line with any questions or comments

-Sophie Yates Lu @sophieyateslu – Practical ideas for improving equity and inclusion at nonprofits from @SSIReview – a little bit of further reading following on from @Charity_Meetup yesterday #CharityMeetup #inclusion #diversity . More on #diversity and #inclusion – focussing on the business case, from @myGwork. Useful for @Charity_Meetup attendees who have had a hard time convincing SMTs, board members etc #CharityMeetup

-Alexia Page@AlexiaPage – The @showaboutrace podcast was recommended at the @charity_meetup event last week. It’s by @renireni author of “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” #charitymeetup #diversity #AboutRacewithReni  Also I would personally recommend @GuiltFemPod feminist podcast to all @charity_meetup folks too. Any other Diversity podcasts to recommend? #CharityMeetup #diversity #feminist #podcast   

-Patrick from Outrageous Impact recently wrote a report called Flatpack Innovation. This is all about how to build the most innovative charity culture. An essential part of this is building more diverse (less pale, male, stale) design teams. Check it out and download the report at: also just launched new research product called ‘Don’t Press Go Before You Know‘. If you are about to launch a new product, service, campaign or brand and don’t know how your customers will respond to it, ‘Don’t Press Go Before You Know’ is for you.

-Julie Gavin from Richmond CVS – “We are looking at the Disability Confident employer scheme (free) and they meet level 2 but now hoping to move up to level 3” – Find out more:

-Eleanor Dean@eleanor_dean – If any #charitymeetup attendees want to see an example of a charity walking the walk on diversity & inclusion, @Girlguiding is here for you today

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-Charity Meetup FB group – feel free to continue the discussion: /groups/charitymeetup

-New Intercharity LGBT+ Network – Many sectors from Banking to Communications have established inter-sector LGBT+ Networks, and now the Charity Sector has one too! Launched this Sept, keen to hear from LGBT+ people in the Charity Sector. Survey is open for the next month ( gathering experiences of LGBT+ people in the Charity Sector and hear views on what the Network should provide. /

-The Other Box– a platform for increasing diversity in the creative industries celebrating people of colour and other minorities. “We wanted to create a safe, intersectional and inclusive space to empower minority voices. Space to share inspiration, opportunities, news, events and anything else.” com/groups/theotherbox /

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