Five Secrets to Instagram Success

23rd August 2018

In this blog am sharing five secrets of how to grow your Instagram following and engagement. These tactics will help you if you have just started out on Instagram or if you are established but keen to increase your audience.

5 Secrets to Instagram Success
5 Secrets to Instagram Success

1 – Find people to follow

One of the best ways to find other likeminded accounts is to search for your most relevant hashtags and follow any profiles that are creating good content and most of the time they will follow you back. You can also find good people to follow by looking at who other likeminded profiles are following.

2 – Be clear on WHY people should follow you

Improve your profile description so that when someone does discover you, there are clear benefits you can offer. This might be areas you are an expert on; things you are passionate about or experiences you will be sharing. Regularly think about how you can broaden your appeal and include new hashtags in your posts to attract interest.

3 – Don’t be too perfect

People love to see behind the scenes, to know more about what your authentic self/work. Instagram is a great place to show your journey, including the ups and downs, celebratory posts work well as do sharing when you have a challenge. Being relatable and deepening your relationship by being a little more vulnerable is really powerful, video can be a fantastic option for this.

4 – Show, don’t tell

Wherever possible try to use the very visual platform to tell the story with images and videos, try out live video (which will send notifications to your followers that you are live). Use the popular new stories feature, it regularly gets very high engagement and encourages direct messages and lengthens the interactions that people have with your content.

5 – Inspiration is everywhere

Instagram is great for a quick snap in the moment, regularly I will take a photo of a book I am reading, graffiti I spot, or selfies and photos of people I work with and these often outperform more orchestrated content.

You can also try reposting content using a third party app, always remember to credit the creator’s profile.


Blurt Foundation

Don’t forget to think about hashtags so that the post reaches as many people as possible. I recommend positive tags like #happiness, #joy, #inspiration, #quotestoliveby, #lifelessons, #creativity, #dreams, #motivation, #wisdomwednesday, #hope, #feelgoodfriday. Or you could come up with your own themes like the Blurt Foundation.


Now it’s your turn…

I hope you will try out some of my suggestions, do let me know how you get on with your experiments. Or perhaps you have tried something recently that works well, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

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