Reflecting on the Video for Good event – The 10th Charity Meetup

17th September 2017

The Charity Meetup two-year anniversary and the 10th event was a very special gathering for me. It was the culmination of so much work as our most complex event to date, and our first daytime session too! The event was sponsored by Magneto Films.

I felt so many strong emotions before, during and after the event but the resounding feeling is one of gratitude.

I am grateful for:

Perfect Place – Being able to hold the event in such an incredible space, the purpose-built Google Event Space and the state of the art YouTube Creator Space. Thank you to Alexia Page (view LinkedIn profile) and Yalin Solmaz for hosting us and supporting the event. To the Google volunteers who made it run smoothly, the talented technical team led by Jordan who made sure all the videos and presentations ran on the day.

Powerful Presenters – Amazing and inspirational speakers who shared their skills, knowledge and insight.
Yalin Solmaz (YouTube), Gaby Jeffs (Magneto Films), Mike South (Parkinsons UK), Jude Habib (Sounddelivery), Lucie Vincer (St John Ambulance), Francesca Harrington (Macmillan Cancer Support), Ben Rogers & Ruth Peacock (Potential Productions), Bob Snarey & Georgia Donaldson (Glowworm TV), Christoph Warrack (Open Cinema).

Proactive People – Having so many supportive people who make the event possible. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped Rachel Schwartz, Kirsty Boncompani, Fran Borg-Wheeler, Evelyn Kaluza, Andy Daly, Sabine Fouchier, Laura Skedgell and Claire Bardner. Thank you to Marcus Jamieson-Pond for taking photos during the event.

Positive Participants – To all of the people who took part in the event, who were brave enough to be bold, meet new people, to get and share new ideas and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Some also had a foam cube microphone thrown at them and put on the spot to speak to the whole group. Thank you for all of your contributions.

Thank you to everyone who has given their support to the event so far.

I have already heard that Brendan from The Neuro Foundation has created a film (Sarah discusses Legacies) which was inspired by what he learned at the Charity Meetup! We are currently planning the next event and are looking for a host and venue. Find out more about past events and sign up to get updates.

Event Materials

Event Programme: PDF

 Storify: Read all the tweets


Yalin Charity Meet Up The 10 fundamentals of a YouTube content strategy for charities – Including Shareability, Conversation, Interactivity, Consistency, Targeting, Sustainability, Discoverability, Accessibility, Collaboration and Inspiration.

Speaker: Yalın Solmaz – Strategic Advocate, Top Creator Team at YouTube

 Creator Academy

Making video strategic and storytelling techniques – In this session we will show how charities can get more from their investment in video by using it more strategically.  We’ll show how video is used to engage audiences and take them on a journey that delivers the call to action. Our session will include planning a story and the supporter journey through visual and emotional storytelling.

Speaker: Gaby Jeffs – Director, Magneto Films

 Slides: Magneto Films Strategic Storytelling

Rethinking Case Studies – Sharing practical do’s and don’t when creating video content. In particular good practice in working with people who have health conditions and ensuring the filming process is as authentic and unobtrusive as possible. 
Speaker: Mike South
– Parkinsons UK

Slides: Rethinking Case Studies – Parkinson’s UK

Break Out Groups:

1 – The Power of Authentic Storytelling – How charities can harness video blogs to put a spotlight on their stories and give a voice to the people they support. In this session we’ll look at a range of video blogs and explore the possibilities of producing them ourselves.

Speaker: Jude Habib – Founder & Creative Director at sounddelivery

Slides: TBC

2 – Using video to teach – Learn what makes a great instructional video. Lucie showcases some of the charity’s successes and insights gained from nearly a century (yes, really!) of using films to teach first aid. Find out the ingredients of an effective teaching video and get practical tips on how your charity can engage by educating.

Speaker: Lucie Vincer – Digital Communications Officer at St John Ambulance com/in/lucie-vincer

Slides: Using video to teach

3 – Promoting Video – This session will include the most effective ways to promote your videos and ensure as many people as possible watch them. Including lots of tried and tested examples of digital and PR tactics to help you think creatively.

Speakers: Francesca Harrington – Senior Media & PR Officer at Macmillan Cancer Support com/in/francesca-harrington and Dawn Newton – Freelancer at Morello Marketing

 Slides: Promoting your Video

4 – Media Training – In this session we will talk a little about how to answer tricky press questions and give a good interview under pressure. We will also cover how to ask good questions when doing your own interviewing/making your own short film.

Speaker: Ben Rogers – Director at Potential Productions

  Slides: Media Training

5 – We made a film – Participatory Video for Charities – PV is a powerful tool to broadcast your impact and build creative skills in your charity. Films can be made by staff and / or beneficiaries, and distil current programme themes into compelling, shareable results. Open Cinema has made almost 100 such films in the UK and internationally, transferring durable skillsets and remarkable stories for major charities. Here’s how!

Speaker: Christoph Warrack – CEO and Founder at Open Cinema Group com/in/christophwarrack

Slides: Participatory Video

6 – Live Video – not as scary as you think – Live video adds a human touch that images and text can’t compete with. Streaming to social media is easier than you think. This session will cover the why, where and how to stream. With Facebook prioritising live video over standard video, text and images it is a perfect way to engage and grow your community. You have a TV station in your pocket or bag. Using your mobile phone I will be showing you how to live stream live to Facebook using devices that you probably have in your organisation already.

Speaker: Bob Snarey – Glowworm TV 

Slides: Glowworm.TV Live Video for Charities

Thank you to everyone who made this such a brilliant afternoon!

Photos from the event by Marcus Jamieson-Pond:

Photos by Ben Rogers:

Watch the Periscope of the event, filmed by Glowworm TV: