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5th April 2017
Charity Meetup Photos by Marcus

I am impatient.

I don’t think we can afford to carry on like it is business as usual. We need to be bold and experiment.

We cannot rely on the traditional options like grant funding as we once did, we need to think a bit more like businesses and diversify our income.

Photos by Marcus

That’s why I chose “Enterprising and Resilient” as the theme for the 8th Charity Meetup event. Hosted by Blackbaud

Charities need to be able to adapt quickly to a changing environment if we want to survive, deal with the increases in demand for services and be able to serve the causes we are passionate about in the long term.

We need to be more like sponges and seek out interesting projects that inspire us to see new ways that we could evolve our own organisations, whether it is revenue generation, using tech to save time and money, revamping our service delivery, impact measurement or engaging new audiences.

I really like Blurt (who increase awareness and understanding of depression) they have created BuddyBox subscription service, it’s a great example of a charity creating a product that people love and at the same time generating revenue to further their cause. Read about them here. Thanks to Matt Haworth for this suggestion.

Matt Haworth of Reason Digital presenting
Matt Haworth of Reason Digital presenting Photos by Marcus

We had seven really interesting stories that were shared by charities of all shapes and sizes at the Charity Meetup to gave us plenty of food for thought.

Our talks included:

  • Innovative app that increases unwanted item donations
  • Virtual run fundraising campaign
  • Impact tracking app
  • Small charity crowdfunding success story
  • e-commerce insights

Read the storify

Photos by Marcus

Have you noticed a charity doing something disruptive, unusual or innovative?

Have you ever started donating after seeing a charity campaign?

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