5 Reasons to Try Online Training

14th August 2016

photo-1432888622747-4eb9a8efeb07Are you looking for training to help your charity optimise its social media?

Morello Training’s new online social media course is paving the way for a new type of  training environment, saving you both time and money.

Here are the top 5 Reasons to Try Online Training:

1 – Less Travelling, Instant Training

With tight budgets and limited resources, we know that every minute of the day counts for charities. That’s why we’re bringing our training to you. You can access the training online at your desk, and fit it in between your day-to-day work. Plus there’s no travel fees or lost time travelling to a training centre.

photo-1441015401724-70d16b783f5c2 – Bite Size Learning

Online training means you can tackle a course at your own pace and have breaks in between. When you attend a training workshop offline it has participants attending with a variety of different knowledge levels.  Moreover, the content difficulty level may be above or below your current ability and the pace might be too fast or slow for you.

By choosing an online course you can complete each of the units from the comfort of your own desk, at your own pace.  You can take in further reading if you want to explore a topic further or skip elements that you already understand.

fwd-photos-of-your-session_22812093442_o3 – Get one to one support

Each course is led by a tutor, who supports the group of learners throughout the process. Tutors also encourage learners to share their own experiences with each other using the online forum which is a free tool and is part of the course.

Insights and consultancy come as part of the course fee. This support from your tutor can be very valuable and ensure that you can increase your confidence in the area you are studying and offer you guidance on any areas of concern. If you take an offline workshop time with the tutor is often the most helpful aspect of the day but time is very limited.

Dementia UK Facebook post - Click to view image full size
Dementia UK Facebook post – Click to view image full size

4 – Get inspiration relevant to your context

When you see real world examples of successful projects and campaigns it can really help you to anchor the skills you are learning from training.  With online training you can get inspiration and then pause and research and read more about this in detail to gain a deeper understanding of the examples that are most relevant to you.

5 – Putting the Learning into Practice

Often training focusses on building on your existing skills, but to really benefit from training you need apply the learning to your own context.  This also helps transition your new found knowledge into your long term memory. With online training units you complete a unit and apply the learning as part of that.  

This means that you will immediately apply the learning and benefit from improving your work in a very practical way. You will also get reassurance from an expert that your approach will help work towards your goals. Upon successful completion of the course, individuals will be awarded a certificate for their efforts.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Want to know more?

Morello Training’s new course comprises five units, plus a bonus module. Each unit has a tutor-assessed assignment at the end of it, so you benefit from bespoke consultancy for your specific context as well as guidance on areas you have done well on or may need to develop further.

Morello Training cofounder and tutor Dawn Newton has vast experience in training over 300 charities in live workshops around the UK.

Don’t miss out

Book a place on the online Intermediate Social Media for Charities course that begins on the 1st of September and runs monthly.

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Dawn, the co-founder of Morello Training and social media trainer, also runs the popular, quarterly Charity Meetup for charities in London. The next event is in October. Sign up for updates.