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1st July 2016

Question, how many charity events do you go along to where you come away with printouts of the presentations from guest speakers that sit in your bag and gather dust, because you have every intention of contacting the speaker as their talk was fascinating and you connected but then you just never get around to it?

Gabija - Photo by Matt Kepple
Gabija – Photo by Matt Kepple

Quite frankly, this evening was different! The guest speakers were superb, extremely relevant to the billing and approachable. The neuroscientist Dr Gabija Toleikyte gave an excellent talk on the neuroscience behind behaviour change and what’s happening in the human brain and how to create the optimum environments for this to happen.

Since then I’ve attended a number of Dr Gabija’s Toleikyte’s neuroscience lectures which have been very insightful into behaviour change and as my charity does a lot of work in this area it’s been fascinating with many things to take away for both our campaigns, developing my team and my own personal development.

But I also think it was more than just lucky chance I turned up on night where there were inspiring speakers. Having read other previous bloggers they have it spot on. Dawn creates an atmosphere where inspired conversation is possible and lasting connections are made.

There’s an element of chairing done by Dawn within the open floor discussions following the talks and Dawn reminds people not to compete but to be open in their responses and consider others which I think is invaluable and as a chair of a special interest group myself I know how important this is. When you see the event organiser and chair is hugely passionate about making a difference it becomes contagious setting the seen for discussion that shows both empathy, compassion and inspiration.

Photo by Matt Kepple
Photo by Matt Kepple

There were many other great speakers and networking opportunities, my point is that I think its quite rare to have that quality of speakers in such a relaxed and informal environment which encourages openness and in a time where doors seem to be shutting this event is a gem.

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Anstey - Photo by Matt Kepple
Anstey – Photo by Matt Kepple

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