5 Simple Ways To Make Networking Fun!

11th September 2015

IMG_2011 - 2015-09-09 at 18-48-37Our latest Charity Meetup hosted by Petit Miracle Hub (Wednesday 9th September) was themed around speaking with impact and unlocking creativity.  

I wanted to share 5 top tips for taking advantage of these types of events with some enjoyable ways to network with the other attendees.

This blog post is inspired by advice from our keynote speaker Simon Tyler, author of The Impact Code.  

Tip # 1 – Listen twice

Thanks to Mandy for creating this
Thanks to Mandy for creating this

Listen to the person you are connecting with, pause and take a moment to reflect on what the person says before responding. Remember “What you don’t know is more interesting than what you do”. If you then ask questions to clarify what the person is saying it will also show that you are genuinely interested in what they are saying and they are more likely to pay attention when you talk.

Tip #2 – Define your Xfactor

A tip from Simon is to describe your work as – When X happens, I do X. In his case it’s when someone has a block in their professional life, he is the guy who helps to unblock them through his coaching. Using this technique can really make you more memorable to the people you meet.

Tip #3 – Be Generous

Think about what you can give rather than get, could you share information? Give time? Connect them with others? Offering to help and creating a supportive atmosphere will make the networking less transactional and you will leave with deeper connections.

Tip #4 – Be inquisitive

A great way to get over any nerves is to keep in mind some questions.  This will give you a chance to enter into more conversations and have something to stop any awkward moments if your mind happens to go blank.

Suggested questions:

  1. What’s the best part of your job?
  2. What’s your favourite charity?
  3. How did hear about this event
  4. Do you know anyone who could help with …?
  5. Have you been on any training?

Tip #5 – Positive Interactions

Its sometimes easier to critique someone than offer encouragement.  Part of entering into the spirit of these events is by maintaining a positive and open mind set.  Why not pick out something that you think is of value in the person you are talking to and compliment them on it.  This kind of behaviour has a positive effect on others and will make them more inclined to be more open with you in return.

You can get a copy of Simon’s book and read more tips: The Impact Code: 50 Ways to Enhance Your Presence and Impact at Work.

I also recommend the book by my friend Steven D’Souza called Not Knowing, which is all about regaining your sense of curiosity.

Photos from the night were kindly taken by Gaby of Magneto Films.

Click the image below to see the full photo album.
Charity Meetup Sept 2015

Thanks to LID publishing for supplying free books to give out on the night from the Concise Advice book series.

Dawn Newton is a Marketing and Communications consultant who specialises in Charity Sector work.  She is available for contracts and freelance arrangements. Contact me.


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