Creating your own content mind map

5th February 2015
© Paul Foreman
© Paul Foreman

Shifting your mindset from traditional advertising and marketing to content marketing can feel overwhelming.

I have found that creating a visual ‘brand’ mind map of different topics can really help businesses and charities in this challenge.

This exercise can help in several ways:

  • It’s a great way to stimulate new ideas.
  • Help you with new topics to create content for your website / blog / social media.
  • Discover who else is talking about similar topics and connect with them.
  • Use popular hashtags to link to these topics.
  • Clarify what your brand will and will not talk about.
  • Broaden your brand.
  • Try being more social and talk about yourself less. Remember the 80/20 rule.

Here is the mind map I created for one of my real world projects for a charity called Petit Miracles:

Petit Miracles mindmap

These brand mind maps are best accomplished with at least two people; you could get colleagues or friends to help you with it. You should dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour to this exercise.

Petit Miracle Hub members making their own mind mapsIt’s even better if they have no marketing background because it will help you test some of your own assumptions about your related topics.

As you can see, this brand actually has two shops / sub-brands, namely Petit Miracle Hub and Petit Miracle Interiors.

You can find these two brands on the diagram above named ‘Hub’ and ‘Petit Miracles’ respectively.

This exercise helped the Petit Miracles team in two important ways:

  1. Discover new twitter hashtags / tweetups including #upcycledhour (active every Tuesday 8pm-9pm).
  2. Searched for thought leaders on new topics to follow and retweet content from.

You could also take some of the larger topics you have mapped and create a further mind map to explore these in more detail.

If you would like help with creating your own map please get in touch with me.