Petit Miracles which are not as small as you might think…

21st July 2013

Petit Miracles Launch photos_9252997353_l

Petit Miracles launch party – I had the pleasure of attending the Petit Miracles launch party, it was a night to remember. Here are my five reasons why:

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA1. The team – rarely do you encounter a group who really do all pull together when it matters to bring an event to life, the event may have seemed effortless but it was weeks of work and help from more than 20 people and many late nights to get everything just so. I think the reason for this is that everyone involved in the shop believes in it’s mission to give furniture & people a second chance.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA2. The venue – the shop which has been given free by the shopping centre landlord Land securities may have been a McDonalds in a past life but Elisicia and her team have transformed it into a vibrant space jam packed with new ideas and beautiful furniture. As soon as you walk into the space you can tell that it is a special place, you get a warm welcome and see the bespoke and one off pieces and funky décor.  The shop is shared with Healthy Planet so it also has a books for free section where you can pick up 3 free books.

The Mayor arrives and is greeted by Cyrus Manager of Land Securitie’s West 12 Shopping Centre Shepherds Bush

3. The guests – I have been to hundreds of events and have never been to one with such a diverse range of people, all waxing lyrical about the amazing work Petit Miracles does everyday. I spoke to quite a few people, they were all really interesting with their own stories and reasons for loving the cause ranging from the employability opportunity, environmental benefits of upcycling, artists & creatives interested in interior design and innovation, crafty types who love the unique pieces, business partners who love seeing the positive impact it is having on the local community. I know Elisicia was really honoured that the Mayor of Hammersmith came along to the event and made a short speech congratulating them on the beautiful shop (she loved the upcycled denim jeans chair).


4. The small touches –  I have a theory that with events it is often the details which make it really special, Elisicia had a vision for the event and the team worked really hard to make that a reality.


Brand new window dressing, special displays indoors, real time visual minutes, name badges to encourage networking, guests could sign the pink welcome table and describe PMI in one word, wall displays with the people that are part of the team and their stories (several of which are unemployed and Elisicia is teaching them how to refurbish furniture – they volunteer in the shop)  and they even had a DJ.

Petit Miracles Launch Party

PM Launch#43_9249134138_l
Myself & Elisicia

5. The Speech  – it must be said that the event had plenty of heart, if you are lucky enough to meet / work with Elisicia you will instantly know what I mean. She works tirelessly to help others and rescue furniture from landfill. So as you can imagine her speech was brilliant and her list of people to thank was very long, it was really emotional and shows that so much of the work within the shop is about people connecting again, whether it’s the volunteer team, or members of public who come in regularly.

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